Panasonic Unveils Viera Developer Site


Osaka, Japan - Panasonic announced today the launch of Viera Connect Developers, a public web portal, to invite IPTV application developers to write applications for its Viera Connect cloud-based TV service.

The new portal,

, allows developers to take advantage of quick response and rich multimedia HD expression capabilities of its Viera Connect platform, Panasonic said.

 Applications built for the platform can be deployed in Viera Connect, which has become available worldwide from this spring. Only applications meeting specification approval criteria will be made available on the Viera Connect service. (For further details, Panasonic is referring people to the Viera Connect Developers website.)

Panasonic said Viera Connect provides viewers with a wide lineup of applications that run on its Application Execution Engine developed with following features:

  • Cloud-based IPTV service -- where applications exists in the cloud, no need to download them on the TV;
  • fast startup and response that provides seamless screen transitions on full HD TV; and
  • rich multimedia expression using 3D graphic technology.

The newly launched Viera Connect Developers will use market-leading streamlined processes to improve time-to-market for application developers and media companies, Panasonic said. The portal site, hosted by Accedo Partner Programs on behalf of Panasonic, will further expand the number of attractive applications for Viera Connect by providing access to Viera Connect's application program interface, technical information, reference code and other assistance required to develop Viera Connect applications, the company added.


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