Panasonic, Unique Photo Unveil 3D Tech Display

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Fairfield, N.J. - Panasonic and Unique Photo unveil the Panasonic 3D Imaging and Display Suite at the retailer's camera and video superstore, here, last week.

The display is designed to introduce customers in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan-area to a local resource where they can experience Panasonic's 3D technologies, from 3D televisions to 3D-capable digital cameras and camcorders.

Unique Photo also carries a new, dedicated LUMIX digital cameras counter where experts will provide professional-level camera tutorials and demonstrations.

Panasonic's Mirrorless Compact System Cameras are the company's new imaging technology which are smaller, lighter and easier to use than traditional DSLRs, the company said. Panasonic's  LUMIX G Series of Compact System Camera features what the company said is the world's first 3D interchangeable lens, allowing consumers to create their 3D content, viewable on 3D televisions.


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