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Panasonic Taps Celebs To Start ‘Living In HD’

Secaucus, N.J. –


unveiled Tuesday the Living In HD (LIHD) Celebrity Hookup — a television-style
online program presenting celebrities demonstrating how they use their favorite
consumer electronics products in their lives.

The first “webisode” of LIHD Celebrity Hookup will premier at 8:00
p.m. ET Nov. 18 on featuring actor Kevin Connolly, who plays
Eric on HBO’s “Entourage” TV series.

LIHD Celebrity Hookup is hosted by lifestyle technology expert,
Janna Robinson, who discovers from each featured celebrity their current
consumer electronics needs and then “hooks up” their home with the most
appropriate devices.

 Following select shows,
the featured celebrity will conduct a live web chat on to
discuss the show.

New webisodes are scheduled once a month and are expected to
include a range of popular stars from TV, film, entertainment and sports.

Details on future webisodes and celebrities will be announced on at a later date, Panasonic said.

First launched in August 2007, the Living In HD program was
created to help people get the answers they need about the emerging HD, and now
3D, products coming to market by communicating with real people who are
actually using the technology in their everyday lives.

“We are very excited about the debut of LIHD Celebrity Hookup and
think our members and visitors to the site will really enjoy
this new facet of the LIHD community,” said Tom Murano, Panasonic’s brand
management director. “The goal here is to show consumers that everyone,
celebrities included, are enjoying the benefits of all of the amazing,
cutting-edge technology that is out there from FullHD 3D Home Theater and connected
TVs with Skype video calling, to amazing digital cameras and HD camcorders that
really open up your creativity, keep you connected with loved ones on a whole
new level, and deliver entertainment into your home unlike anything ever seen