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Panasonic To Sponsor First 3D Olympics

Osaka, Japan –


the the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Broadcasting Services
(OBS) Wednesday in announcing plans to produce live television coverage of the
London 2012 Olympic Games in 3D high-definition video.

Panasonic, which is the official Worldwide Olympic A/V equipment
sponsorship partner for the Olympic Games, said the latest partnership will
produce the first HD 3D live broadcast in Olympic history, and will be available
to audiences around the world.

The planned 3D broadcasts will include such major events as the
Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletics, gymnastics, diving and swimming, and
will be produced and delivered to participating rights-holding broadcasters
around the world.

OBS will oversee production of more than 200 hours of 3D coverage
during the London 2012 Olympic Games, using Panasonic’s 3D production
technologies including the AG-3DP1, a P2HD professional fully integrated
twin-lens Full HD 3D camera recorder.

“The Olympic Games has always been a pioneer in the development
of TV broadcasting technologies, and has been on the cusp of innovation since
the first live over-the-air broadcast was introduced in London in 1948,” said
Takumi Kajisha, Panasonic managing executive officer. “There is no doubt that
the Olympic Games will provide some of the best content for the 3D market in
the future, and that 3DTV will drastically change the way we experience this
great sporting event in our living rooms.”