Panasonic, Sony Post Losses; Pioneer Profits



Panasonic, Sony and Pioneer Electronics all reported their fiscal year financials in the past two weeks, with Pioneer the only Japanese vendor of the three to post a profit.

All three companies cited foreign exchange rates, the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011, flooding in Thailand, generally weak economic conditions in major markets, and heavy price competition as the cause for either lower sales, losses or both.


reported a net loss of 772.2 billion yen from a profit and a 10 percent drop in sales for its fiscal year, ended March 31.

The net loss of 772.2 billion yen compares with a profit of 74 billion yen in fiscal 2011. Consolidated group sales for fiscal 2012 decreased by 10 percent to 7,846.2 billion yen, from 8,692.7 billion yen in the prior fiscal year.

Overseas sales decreased by 12 percent to 3,684.2 billion yen, from 4,178.4 billion yen in fiscal 2011.

In Panasonic’s AVC networks unit, sales decreased by 21 percent to 1,713.5 billion yen, from 2,156.8 billion yen a year ago. Despite favorable sales of PCs, this result was due mainly to sales declines in flat-panel TVs and digital cameras. Operating loss was 67.8 billion yen, compared with a profit of

27.3 billion yen a year ago, due mainly to a sales decrease and a price decline.


reported lower sales but a net profit for its fiscal year, although it was markedly lower than the prior year.

Consolidated net sales declined 4.5 percent year on year, to 436,753 million yen. Net income declined 64.5 percent to 3,670 million yen.

Car electronics sales grew 6.6 percent year on year, to 270,785 million yen. In car audio products, on the other hand, consumer-market sales rose in Europe but recorded overall decline, mainly from lower sales in North America and in Central and South America. OEM sales accounted for 43 percent of car electronics sales, the same percentage as in the previous fiscal year.

Operating income in this segment declined 26.7 percent, to 10,292 million yen.

Home electronics sales declined 21.9 percent year on year, to 123,057 million yen. Despite solid sales of A/V systems and A/V receivers primarily in Europe, a large decline in sales of optical-disc-drive-related products due to the absence of the special demand associated with the shift to digital terrestrial broadcasting in Japan in July 2011 and a decline in disc drives for PCs led to a large overall decline.

Operating income in this segment rose 40 percent to 3,560 million yen, on lower expenses and an improvement in the gross profit margin, despite the decline in sales.


posted a $5.7 billion net loss for its fiscal year, ended March 31.

The loss was on sales of $79.2 billion, a 9.6 percent drop compared with the prior fiscal year in yen, the company said. Sony’s also reported a loss of $3.2 billion on sales of $15.7 billion for its fiscal fourth quarter, ended March 31.

Sony posted an 18.5 percent drop in revenue on consumer products and services for the year to $38.2 billion. The decrease was due to flagging sales in LCD TVs, PC, imaging products and gaming consoles. LCD TV sales were particularly poor in Japan, Europe and North America, the company said, while PC and digital imaging sales declines were blamed specifically on the Thai flooding and monetary exchange rates. The fall-off in game consoles was attributed to Play- Station3 sales and a drop-off in PS2 sales.


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