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Panasonic Shipping ‘Next-Generation’ Oxyride Battery

Secaucus, N.J. — Panasonic is shipping its Oxyride Extreme Power batteries to U.S. retailers this week, offering consumers what the company calls a first-of-its kind technology specifically designed for the digital era.

The Oxyride cells are a “powerful, durable and disposable energy source that last up to twice as long as traditional alkaline batteries at a similar price,” said Panasonic.

Batteries have been developed from technology based on a combination of new materials and an advanced manufacturing process, leading to a higher voltage and current. With this combination, the battery allows users to enjoy the benefits of improved power performance and longevity, said the company.

The batteries first will be available at Walgreen’s drug outlets around the United States, dressed in consumer-friendly packaging that will be used throughout the Panasonic battery line. Suggested retail for Oxyride Extreme Power is $3.99 for both a four-pack of AA cells, model ZR-6XA/4B, and a four-pack of AAA cells, model ZR-03XA/4B. A two-pack suggested retail is $2.49.

Following earlier success of Oxyride batteries in Japan, the new AA- and AAA-size power cells, which were part of a major Oxyride introduction at International CES last January in Las Vegas, are slated for July delivery to retailers in all major U.S. markets.

The batteries average 1.5 times more power than Panasonic’s alkaline cells, allowing more playing time in such high-drain digital and electronic devices as MP3 players and CD players, said the company.

The cells maintain voltage on a high and stable level, called optimal for powering devices such as digital still cameras, handheld games and portable audio products, said Panasonic.

Oxyride is said to be the first “real change” in consumer batteries since the alkaline cell debut, according to the company.