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Panasonic Sends Off VT25 3DTV Sets

New York –


used a product review here
Wednesday to demonstrate its leadership position in 3D TV technology and to underscore
that 3D advances have made its sets some of the industry’s top 2D performers,
as well.

The event was
staged to support the recent release of the company’s flagship VT25 series 3D
plasma TVs, in the 50-, 54- 58- and 65-inch screen sizes, all of which are now
all shipping to dealers with on-floor sales support.

The company will
not allow its 3D TVs or Blu-ray players to be sold online to encourage
consumers to come into stores to get the full immersive “3D experience,” said
Julie Baumann, Panasonic TV product manager.

The latest screen
sizes in the series to ship were the 65- and 58-inch models, which completed one
of the industry’s earliest deliveries of a 3D TV assortment.

Panasonic said the
VT25 series is distinguished by its THX-certified Cinema Mode, a 5,000,000:1
native contrast ratio, an improved NeoPDP panel with reduced power consumption,
full 1080p resolution to each eye in 3D with an equivalent of a 600Hz refresh
rate and advanced features including Skype HD video conferencing with optional
add-on camera, and a suite of built-in Viera Cast IP TV services.

Panasonic is
playing up its end-to-end 3D development story, which includes providing
equipment and systems for 3D production, authoring of 3D Blu-ray Discs through
Panasonic Hollywood Labs and development of 3D TVs with some of the fastest
switching times in the industry, resulting in a significant reduction of cross
talk (3D image blurring or ghosting) through the use of a new phosphor

Purchasers of
Panasonic VT25 3D sets also receive a free pair of stereoscopic glasses.

In stores Panasonic
is providing special merchandising end-cap displays to play up the company’s
sets, Blu-ray players and supporting audio equipment including new speaker

The company will
ship in June the SC-HTB10 $199 suggested retail) 120-watt speaker bar followed
in July by the 240-watt SC-HTB500 ($349).

The HTB500 is a
2.1 system with up-firing sound field positioning to make the sound seem to be
coming directly out of the screen. It’s dimensions are ideal for use with 42-
and 50-inch sets, and it includes a wireless subwoofer.

The HTB10 is
configured for use with 32-inch screen sizes and the subwoofer is integrated
into the sound bar.

Panasonic also
just started shipping its SC-ZT2 ($1,000) home theater system with a pair of
wireless pole speakers that simulate a full 7.1-channel surround sound effect.
The system supports full HD 3D content and is compatible with Audio Return
Channel allowing the receiving of the audio signal through a single HDMI cable.

The virtual
surround sound technology in the system takes advantage of the latest advanced
surround-sound formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD 7.1.

Each speaker has
four 1-inch tweeters along with a single long-stroke woofer that is 5 inches in

To support its 3D positions, Panasonic is a primary sponsor for DirecTV’s three soon-to-air 3D channels, which will go live shortly. A handful of programmers have announced plans to offer 3D programming shortly to support new 3D TV sets. These include: ESPN (World Cup Soccer and the French Open), Yes Network (Yankees game on July 10), HDNet (a variety of short-form content), Wealth TV, and Discovery Network 3D (coming online at the end of 2010 or early 2011).