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Panasonic Seeks Family Time

Secaucus, N.J. — Panasonic continued to push the family theme of its “Living In High Definition” promotional campaign this week by launching a national “call-to-action” in its “Bring Back Family Time” advertising program.

Panasonic’s message asks families to pledge more quality time together and offers how-to suggestions, many of which include the use of high-definition video products.

Panasonic said its call to action resulted from an Opinion Research study that revealed “parents and teenagers actually want to spend more quality time together,” the company said.

Panasonic has teamed up with Dr. Cindy Bunin-Nurick, a nationally recognized family therapist and founder of the Mommy and Me Association, to gather insights from the survey and develop tips on how families can reinvent quality time to fit within the boundaries of modern day life.

One of the key findings of the survey revealed that 91 percent of parents feel that spending quality time with their families is a meaningful experience and four out of five describe it as fun, educational and exciting, yet 57 percent, say they don’t have a dedicated family night.

“Pick a night of the week for family time that works for everyone and stick to it … no excuses,” said Bunin-Nurick. “Start planning these nights when the children are young to lay the foundation that family night is an important ritual. It is also important to allow communication to occur in a natural environment that revolves around an activity that is engaging to everyone.”

Bunin-Nurick developed tips on how to help families reinvent family time, many of which utilize HD technology to keep it fresh and exciting. The tips, as well as other key learning from the survey can be found at

The family time pledge is part of Panasonic’s integrated “Living in High Definition” program that explores how the latest HD television and video technologies can enrich the American lifestyle.

Panasonic’s use of the trademark “Living in High Definition” was recently challenged in a lawsuit filed by NuVision.