Panasonic’s 3D, Lumix Will Get Major Backing

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SECAUCUS, N.J. — 3D TV and the Lumix digital camera line are two critical areas for Panasonic in 2010 and the near future.

Bob Perry, marketing senior VP, online commerce and supply chain, discussed both Lumix and 3D with TWICE and how its marketing efforts should impact Panasonic’s sales efforts.

On the subject of 3D, Perry said that it enables Panasonic to show “that we created the core technologies.” In Blu-ray, Perry noted that Panasonic developed a lot of the “foundational technology for the format, but we didn’t capitalize on it as much as we should have,” in terms of marketing and branding.

Panasonic is not going to make the same mistake in 3D. “3D is different — it is our opportunity. We clearly created this technology. This is our innovation, and we are not going to lay back and let someone else put a stake in the ground and say they did.”

Worldwide sponsorship of the hit Oscar-nominated “Avatar” has helped Panasonic link with 3D in the minds of consumers, and while the theater experience is stunning, Perry volunteered, “When consumers see a demonstration this spring at retail with high-performance 3D glasses, they will see a better picture than they saw in the theater. It will wow them even more … and knock their socks off.”

Lumix is one of the top digital camera brands around the world, except in the U.S. where it is usually ranked around the bottom of the top 10. Perry said that Panasonic doesn’t “have a problem with Lumix in product technology or performance. We have to [become] substantially more focused on creating a relationship with the consumer.”

Panasonic’s $30 million marketing campaign behind Lumix is part of that. Perry noted, “Not all Panasonic dealers are in the imaging business. We want to get those dealers who are focused on selling TVs to include imaging … and cross merchandise” with the variety of Lumix cameras that have video capabilities and camcorders. He also noted that Panasonic wants to sell more higher- end photo dealers that sell those types of imaging products.


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