Panasonic Reveals TV, Blu-ray Prices


New York -


gave the bulk of its spring 2011 TVs and Blu-ray Disc players a formal send-off here Tuesday, detailing new features and formally listing suggested retail prices for the first time since the lines were first unveiled at International CES.

As previously reported, the king of plasma TV technology is beefing up its presence in  IPS-Alpha-based LCD TVs this year with screen sizes ranging up to 42 inches and introducing in select models 3D capability for the first time.

Better-featured units will also add a more advanced IPTV platform -- called VieraConnect -- that will launch with up to 30 apps to start and will include access to an app store with a virtually limitless resource of apps and services coming in the future.

Among the more compelling VieraConnect applications is a collection of sports apps offering out-of-market season viewing passes to MLB, the NBA, the NHL, MLS and Fox Sports -- all capabilities previously reserved for multichannel cable and satellite-TV services. Only the NFL Sunday Ticket remains.

Panasonic's four new Blu-ray players, meanwhile, continue to offer the VieraCast IPTV platform in three top-end models and a more basic-level streaming service in a fourth entry piece. Three of the four players also offer FullHD 1080p 3D playback capability with onboard 2D-to-3D conversion at full 1080p HD resolution.

Panasonic said the new TVs were designed to deliver the highest-quality pictures in the classes, even at the mandated next-level EnergyStar 5.3 power-draw requirements that take effect this fall.

New plasma models feature Panasonic's new improved NeoPlasma panels with a new faster switching speed for reduced power consumption at the same high brightness levels, while LCD TVs feature IPS-Alpha technology, including model series for 1080p LED 3DTV, 1080p LED 2D and 720p.

New LCD TVs are highlighted by the company's first models to include FullHD 1080p 3D and LED edge-lighting, and the new VieraConnect IPTV apps system.

The spring TV line, shipping in the March through June period, includes the following ( additional models are slated for introduction later in the year):

   FullHD (1080p) 3D plasma:

  •          TC-P65VT30 (65-inch), shipping in May at a $4,300 suggested retail;
  •          TC-P55VT30 (55-inch), shipping in April at $2,800;
  •          TC-P65GT30 (65-inch), shipping in May at $3,700;
  •          TC-P60GT30 (60-inch), shipping in May at $2,800;
  •          TC-P55GT30 (55-inch), shipping in March at $2,200;
  •          TC-P50GT30 (50-inch), shipping in March at $1,900;
  •          TC-P65ST30 (65-inch), shipping in May at $3,300;
  •          TC-P60ST30 (60-inch), shipping in May at $2,400;
  •          TC-P55ST30 (55-inch), shipping now at $1,800;
  •          TC-P50ST30 (50-inch), shipping now at $1,500;
  •          TC-P46ST30 (46-inch), shipping now at $1,300; and
  •          TC-P42ST30 (42-inch), shipping now at $1,100.

1080p FHD 2D plasma:

  •          TC-P60S30 (60-inch), shipping in May at $1,900;
  •          TC-P50S30 (50-inch) shipping now at $1,100;
  •          TC-P46S30 (46-inch) shipping now at $950; and
  •          TC-P42S30 (42-inch) shipping now at $800.

720P HD Plasma:

  •          TC-P50X3 (50-inch), shipping now at $800;
  •          TC-P46X3 (46-inch), shipping in March at $700; and
  •          TC-P42X3 (42-inch), shipping now at $600.

FullHD (1080p) 3D LCD:

  •          TC-L37DT30 (37-inch), shipping in April at $1,300, and
  •          TC-L32DT30 (32-inch), shipping in April at $1,200.

FullHD (1080p) LED LCD TV:

  •          TC-L42E3, (42-inch), shipping in March at $950;
  •          TC-L37E3 (37-inch), shipping now at $800;
  •          TC-L32E3 (32-inch), shipping in March at $700;
  •          TC-L42E30 (42-inch), shipping now at $1,100;
  •          TC-L42D30 (42-inch), shipping in April at $1,150; and
  •          TC-L19C30 (19-inch), shipping in May at $250.

720p LCD TV

  •          TC-L32C3 (32-inch), shipping in March at $400;
  •          TC-L24C3 (24-inch), shipping in June at $300;
  •          TC-L37U3 (37-inch), shipping now at $600;
  •          TC-L32U3 (32-inch), shipping in March at $500;
  •          TC-L40U30 (42-inch), shipping now at $800; and
  •          TC-L32X30 (32-inch), shipping in March at $500.

Stand-alone Blu-ray Disc players:

  •          DMP-BDT310, shipping in May at $250;
  •          DMP-BDT210, shipping now at $200;
  •           DMP-BDT110, shipping now at $150; and
  •          DMP-BD75, shipping now at $100.


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