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Panasonic Reveals Camcorder Pricing

Secaucus, N.J.


Tuesday released pricing on
six digital camcorders that were unveiled at last month’s International CES.

The new models
include the high-definition HDC-TM55, HDC-HS60 and HDC-SD60 models and
standard-definition models SDR-H85, SDR-T50 SDR-S50.

All six models
will be available in mid-March 2010.

The HDC-SD60 ($499
suggested retail) and the HDC-HS60 ($699) differ primarily in storage
capability. The SD60 uses SD/SDHC/SDHX memory cards, and the HS60 comes with an
in-built 120GB hard drive and is expandable through the SD card slot.

The HDC-TM55 ($529)
has an SD card slot and 8GB of internal memory.

Key features in
both include 25x optical zoom lenses extending to 35x in Intelligent Zoom
model. Intelligent Zoom, which is also offered in new Lumix cameras this year,
retains focus while reducing digital distortion.

Other features
include power optical image stabilization (OIS), wind noise canceling, touchscreen
operation and an LCD screen with automatic brightness adjustment.

standard-definition camcorders
include the SDR-H85 ($349), SDR-T50 ($269) and the SDR-S50 ($249).

All three models
feature compact body styling, a 33mm wide-angle lens with 78x ultra-zoom
extension, and Advanced OIS. Additionally, the SDR-H85 has an 80GB hard drive, and
the SDR-T50 has