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Panasonic Launches HDTV Radio Push For Plasma TV

Secaucus, N.J. – Panasonic is launching two radio advertising campaign for HDTV, the first centered on providing listeners with daily info on HDTV programming in their area and the second a campaign with top national morning radio talk shows and covering Panasonic’s best-selling products.

Size of the budgets for both efforts were not disclosed.

With the FCC mandate for the total transition to HD broadcasting set for December 31, 2006, the first campaign will help consumers identify what HD broadcasts are currently available in their viewing area. Panasonic’s commercials will run for six weeks during the evening drive time. The listings will feature HD programs on the major networks as well as the local cable stations.

“Anyone who has seen a high-definition broadcast, particularly on a plasma set, knows that the picture quality is wonderful, like the jump from black and white to color,” said Bob Greenberg, corporate brand marketing VP. “People don’t realize how much is broadcast in HD. This will let them know what’s on and where to find it. Our evening drive time campaign will make it easy for them. All they have to do is listen.”

For its second initiative, which runs through June 25, morning drive time radio listeners will hear promotional spots on Imus In The Morning, The Howard Stern Show, and ESPN Radio Network’s “Mike & Mike In The Morning.”

Through May 16 talent from these three top-rated shows will promote DVD recorders and digital still cameras in a mix of 60-second spots. Then, starting May 16 and running through June 25, they will focus on plasma HD televisions.