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Panasonic Launches Bunny Neutering Effort

Secaucus, N.J. — Panasonic Battery Corp. of America has launched Neuter Your Bunny (, a public awareness effort dedicated to promoting bunny neutering.

Neuter your Bunny follows Easter’s bunny purchasing season and will educate pet owners on the benefits of neutering their bunnies. Panasonic is promoting the cause through its Oxyride Extreme Power batteries by underwriting neuters and donating $10,000 to the House Rabbit Society (HRS), an international nonprofit animal rescue and education organization.

“The timing of this educational effort couldn’t be better as more rabbits are abandoned in the months following Easter than any other time of year,” said Mary Cotter, VP and education director of the International House Rabbit Society. “Neutering eliminates behavior problems caused by a bunny’s raging hormones and allows bunnies to live happier, healthier lives. We thank Panasonic for supporting this cause.”

“Panasonic is pleased to help improve the lives of real bunnies and their owners through Neuter your Bunny,” said Brian Kimberlin, consumer marketing director, Panasonic. “With this effort, we hope to raise awareness for the health benefits of bunny neutering and the performance benefits of using Panasonic Oxyride batteries. When using Oxyride batteries in your digital camera, bunny owners can take twice as many pictures of their pets than they could with Energizer Max.”

As part of the initiative, Panasonic will hold Neuter Your Bunny Day on Wed., June 14, in New York City, where selected bunny owners will have the opportunity to neuter their bunnies for free courtesy of Panasonic Oxyride batteries. At this time, Panasonic will also present their donation to the House Rabbit Society, which will be used to further support the cause.

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