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Panasonic Kicks Off ‘Living In HD’ Contest

Secaucus, N.J. — Panasonic began using its promotional site on Monday to run a new contest that will give an HD product to one winner each day for 30 days.

The Panasonic Living In HD 30-by-30 contest runs through May 30 and will award a daily winner a choice of one of following: the DMC-ZS3 and the DMC-TS1 digital still cameras with 720p HD video recording (the latter is also waterproof and dustproof) or the HDC-TM20 1080p HD camcorder featuring 16GB of internal memory.

Panasonic’s is a social-networking site designed to “demystify High Definition and unconfuse the consumer.” Members use the site’s forums to share insights, opinions and advice on HD products and technologies with each other.

The site was also designed to give visitors “creative inspiration on how to use their HD products in exciting ways, as well as interact with technical experts, view a wide range of useful member-created how-to videos about products and projects, and participate in in-depth communal conversations about experiences, ideas and creative discoveries,” Panasonic said.

Current and new members of the community will be automatically registered for the Living In HD 30-by-30 contest.

More information about the contest is available here.

In addition to the contest, Panasonic is now accepting applications for additional Living In HD Family program participants. Eligible participants include families, couples, single people or a group of friends who would like to become a part Panasonic’s Living In HD community.