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Panasonic Intros Skype Wi-Fi Phone

Secaucus, N.J. — Panasonic provided more details today on its previously announced Wi-Fi phone for use with Skype’s VoIP service.

The Skype-certified KX-WP1050 supports a variety of Skype calling features, including presence, SkypeIn/Out, voicemail and call conferencing. It includes a Wi-Fi-enabled base unit for home use and can store up to 500 contacts.

The product is geared mostly toward home users as a means to untie their Skype calls from the PC and for road warriors who use the Internet telephony service for business.

The phone will come with a travel router to provide consumers with a portable Wi-Fi access point whenever there is an available broadband connection. It features 256-bit WPA encryption, built-in Quality of Service (QoS) and a headset jack.

The battery offers 4.5 hours of talktime and 55 hours of standby. It can be charged in the router or via a USB connection to the PC.

Panasonic is currently selling the unit in its online store and at several e-commerce sites. It has not announced brick-and-mortar distribution.

The Wi-Fi phone will retail for a suggested $399.