Panasonic Gives Update On Japan Production


Tokyo - Panasonic today issued an update on its manufacturing facilities in Japan, indicating production operations at several affected plants have restarted.

Three weeks after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, Panasonic reported that the AVC Networks Company Fukushima Factory (manufacturing digital cameras) and AVC Networks Company Sendai Factory (manufacturing optical pickups) restarted partial production operations today.

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Tokyo Plant located in Gunma (manufacturing commercial air conditioners, showcases, etc.) restarted production March 14.

AVC Networks Company Yamagata Factory (manufacturing digital camera lens unit, SD memory cards) restarted partial production operations on March 22. The same was true for AVC Networks Company Utsunomiya Factory (assembling LCD TVs) on the March 22.

Panasonic Electric Works Koriyama Co., Ltd. (manufacturing electronic materials) restarted production on March 23.

While placing priority on the safety of Panasonic's employees and in cooperation with the planned power outages scheduled by Tokyo Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power, Panasonic is preparing to resume production at factories in the affected region, the company said in a statement.

Panasonic has confirmed the safety of all employees, but some suffered minor injuries.


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