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Panasonic Extends 3D To LCD TV Line


Having taken the point on delivering the
first stereoscopic Full HDTV 3D plasma sets to the U.S.
market last March, Panasonic returned to International
CES to unveil its much-anticipated Gen 2 3D offerings,
including its first line of 3D LCD TV models.

Among a wide assortment of new TV products on display
this week are several series of Viera 3D TV plasma
models with newly expanded IPTV functionality over last
year’s VieraCast system.

In addition, Panasonic said it has added 3D capability to
its video-conferencing technologies, and is demonstrating
3D (and 2D) video calling over the Panasonic HD Visual
Communications System in booth 9408 during the show.

Highlighting the 2011 3D TV lines to be unveiled is the VT30 FullHD 3D plasma series featuring 65-inch and
55-inch screen sizes, which are slated to ship in the
April/May time frame at prices to be announced closer
to the delivery date.

The VT30 models, like all of the new 3D series, include
expanded Internet connectivity and services offered
through the newly named Viera Connect system.

Panasonic said sets will have built-in “Wi-Fi” connectivity
and access to additional “inter-connected
sites,” including Gameloft, Hulu Plus, Napster, MLB,
NBA, NHL, MLS and Facebook.

The VT30 models, which ship in the spring, will also
have THX 2D certification and also offer Infinite Black
Pro 2 panels that are said to raise luminous efficiency
while minimizing pre-discharge over last year’s Infinite
Black Pro panels.

The result is more subtle, delicate blacks, in both dark and bright environments than last year’s products

Panasonic will ship one pair of newly redesigned
active-shutter eyewear with the sets, at prices to be
announced closer to shipping dates.

The Viera GT30 series of FullHD 3D plasma sets will
include four screen sizes — 65, 60, 55 and 50 inches.
All offer Infinite Black 2 panels, built-in Wi-Fi and the
aforementioned Viera Connect IPTV pack.

Those models will also include four HDMI inputs,
three USB ports and THX 2D certification.

The Viera ST30 FullHD 3D plasma series offers a
similar feature set, with fewer HDMI and USB input,
and without THX certification.

Panasonic’s first 3D-capable LED edge-lit LCD TVs
will be offered in the DT30 series, including the 32- and
37-inch screen sizes. Models will employ Panasonic’s In
Plane Switching (IPS) LED panel technology, for FullHD
resolution, and the Viera Connect package.

Panasonic has tweaked its 3D active-shutter eyewear
for 3D sets this year. They will continue to sell
for a $150 suggested retail per pair, but are said to be
lighter and generally more comfortable to wear.