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Panasonic Expands Headphones

Newark, N.J. — Panasonic expanded its headphones offering with the addition of six models, including two in-ear models.

The RP-HT480C Street Band Monitor headphones feature 50mm drivers, padded ear cups and headband, and a fold-flat design. Three colors are offered: glossy black, glossy white and matte dark silver. Frequency response is listed at 8Hz to 30kHz with sensitivity of 100 dB/mW and impedance of 24 ohms. Suggested retail is $149; they are currently available.  

The RP-HT470C Street Band Monitor headphones ($99.99, available) have the same rounded-rectangular ear cups as the RP-HT480C except with 40mm drivers. Frequency response is 10Hz to 27kHz with the same sensitivity and impedance. They come in matte finished violet, blue and dark silver.

The RP-HX450C ($69.99, October) have round ear cups and 36mm drivers. Frequency response is 9Hz to 25kHz. They too have a fold-flat design. Colors offered include blue, black, white and purple.  

The RP-HX250M ($39.99, October) have round ear cups and 32mm drivers and will come in black and white, and purple and blue. Frequency response is 10Hz to 25kHz.   

In ear buds, Panasonic unveiled the RP-TCM190 and RP-TCM125, both currently available. 

The former are engineered to have deep bass via a neodymium magnet and an extended long sound support port, Panasonic said. They have 10mm drivers, an ErgoFit design, metallic finish and a $34.99 price tag. Frequency response is listed at 6Hz to 24kHz with a sensitivity of 98dB/mW and impedance of 16 ohms.   

The RP-TCM125 ($19.99) have 9mm drivers and an ErgoFit design. Frequency response is 10Hz to 24kHz with a sensitivity of 97dB/mW and impedance of 16 ohms. They will come in black, white, red, purple and blue.

All of the models have in-line mics and remotes.