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Panasonic Boosts Alkaline Battery Life

Panasonic has introduced a new generation of alkaline batteries that boast 33 percent longer life than the company’s regular alkaline cells.

Its new Platinum Power AA and AAA batteries employ the company’s eight-year-old Evolta technology, and feature a combination of high-purity manganese dioxide, a titanium additive and an ultra-high-density cathode filling that extends their useable life.

The new battery tier also boasts a triple-coated negative terminal with an iron-nickel alloy layer that prevents rust and reduces contact resistance to ensure steady energy flow.

The Platinum Power line offers increased protection from leaks thanks to a new zinc alloy, electrolytes and organic inhibitors that reduce gas build-up with the cell. In addition, a new, more resilient gasket material plus a specialized sealing method, reduces the possibility of electrolyte leakage.

Yoji Takagi, sales and marketing director of Panasonic Energy Corp. of America, said the batteries are optimized for high-drain devices like game controllers, radio-controlled toys and flashlights.

The batteries are available in four- to 48-cell multi-packs with a suggested retail of $4 for a AA four-pack, and can be stored for up to 10 years.