Panasonic Blu-ray To Support DivX Plus HD System

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Osaka, Japan - Panasonic said Tuesday it will introduce DivX Plus HD playback technology in its next generation of 3D Blu-ray Disc players and home-theater systems.

Support for the new DivX Plus HD codec using the MKV container is said to "provide a true cinematic video experience at HD resolutions up to 1080p."

In addition, the players will support all former DivX formats. DivX offers a comprehensive digital media solution for the playback of a majority of high-quality Internet video on TVs or other consumer electronics devices.

DivX also supports the secure playback of major Hollywood titles, and is used by many online movie download sites to distribute Hollywood content worldwide.

Players supporting the technology will be available to consumers first in Europe in coming days and soon after in Russia and Oceania,


said. Model DMP-BDT300, which is Panasonic's first FullHD 3D Blu-ray Disc player, will be the first Panasonic product to receive DivX Plus HD Certification.

DivX Plus HD Certification is the premium level of certification available from DivX, optimized for consumer electronics products and supports the playback of all content created with DivX software, DivX said.

The software is available on from the


Web site, and allows users to create and playback H.264 video in an MKV file container.

DivX Plus HD Certified devices will playback all previous versions of DivX video, premium Hollywood content in the DivX format, and DivX Plus HD video files with the MKV file extension and AAC audio created with third-party tools.


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