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palmOne Debuts new Tungsten T5

Milipitas, Calif – PalmOne introduced a new Tungsten T5 featuring a hefty step-up in flash memory to 256MB, and the ability to reserve data in memory, even when batteries die.

The new T5, based on a 416MHz XScale processor, embeds MP3, photo and video applications directly into ROM, and allows users to store music, photos and video directly on the unit, rather than on an expansion card. It also has a new drag and drop file transfer system from a PC so users don’t have to do a full hot sync to exchange files. Users can drag and drop files onto the T5 that are not necessarily supported by the unit, but can reside there for storage or transfer, essentially allowing the T5 to be used as a portable hard drive.

The T5 offers viewing of native PowerPoint files and allows users to edit and create native Word and Excel documents.Other features include 320 by 480 color screen with both landscape and portrait modes and built-in Bluetooth.

According to director of industry analysis Stephen Baker of NPD Techworld, Port Washington, N.Y., the T5 builds palmOne’s momentum in converting PDAs from “basic organizers” into a “portable tool.” “We’ve seen nicer screens, more memory, cameras…their pricing has been pretty sharp and the Tungsten E at $199 has been a great seller.With the T5 you are getting the evolution of the handheld into a more all purpose product.”

PalmOne recently reported that sales of handheld PDAs and smartphones rose 10 percent for the first quarter over the previous year resulting in sales soaring 62 percent to $273.1 million.

The Tungsten T5 ships November 3 at $399.