Palm-Sized Speed Radar To Be Shown At CES

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Santa Rosa, Calif. - Pocket Radar will be displaying at International CES what it's calling a "sleek, compact, palm-sized, ultraportable" speed radar.

Pocket Radar's namesake product is engineered to provide extremely accurate, real-time speed measurements of moving objects with the touch of a button. The company said it uses proprietary digital signal processing algorithms and state-of-the-art intelligent target acquisition techniques to achieve industry-leading accuracy and speed measurement detection across all ranges.

Pocket Radar

The device uses a Doppler radar signal detection and processing system coupled with re-engineered microwave and antenna components to deliver the same powerful performance of traditional bulky radar guns, in a device compact enough to easily fit into a shirt pocket, according to Pocket Radar. It is reportedly accurate to within 1 mph, and can take 10,000 speed measurements using one set of AAA batteries.

The speed radar will be on display at CES at booth 13148, and is scheduled to be available in the spring.


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