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Palm, Logitech Share Kudos At RetailVision Fete

Palm and Logitech dominated a hilarious RetailVision awards ceremony, hosted by former Saturday Night Live stars John Lovitz, Victoria Jackson and Kevin Nealon, with the handheld device maker taking home three awards and Logitech grabbing two.

The awards were given out after each of the comedy veterans did stand-up routines, which included bits from their SNL heyday. Nealon wrapped the entertainment up by covering RetailVision’s Lisa Lovett’s face with black magic marker while pretending to sketch her.

Palm won for Best Product: Hardware, Best RetailVision Strategy and Best Vendor and was nominated for three other awards. Logitech won for Best Product: Peripheral and Best New Technology.

The other award winners: ACCPAC for Best Product: Productivity Software; American Power Conversion for Best Product: Accessories; MusicMatch for Best Product: Edutainment/Entertainment Software; Belkin for Best RetailVision Merchandising and Maxell for Best RetailVision Presentation.