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Palm Launches New Zire, Tungsten PDAs

Milipitas, Calif. – Palm debuted today a $99 Zire and two new Tungsten models, including one with a unique switchable landscape feature.

The Tungsten T3 has a slide-down bottom, which increases the size of the 320 by 480 color transflective TFT display by 50 percent. The device also allows users to switch the landscape of the display by clicking an icon. Users have the option of viewing on the entire screen or segmenting part of the screen for Graffiti 2 handwriting. It is aimed at the upscale user, it offers a 400Mhz Intel XScale processor and 64BM of RAM and has new simplified, embedded Bluetooth at a street price of $399.

The Tungsten T3 and the more basic Tungsten E, offer advanced built-in Microsoft Outlook compatibility and expanded contact, calendar and memo features. These include a new agenda view that shows future appointments and daily tasks. They have a color-coded calendar and improved scheduling that allows users to beam multiple appointments with one command. They also offer repeating tasks and alarms.

The new Tungsten E uses an OMAP 311 ARM processor with 32MB of RAM and a 320 by 320 transflective-color screen without the landscape feature. It has built-in RealNetworks’ RealOne Mobile player software for MP3s and a Kinoma Player and Producer for video clips. Estimated street price is $199.

In the Zire series is a new model 21 that offers four times the storage capacity of the original Zire with 8MB of memory and a faster 126MHz OMAP processor.