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Palm Intros Tungsten T2

Milipitas, Calif. – Palm updated its Tungsten handheld line with a new model T2 featuring more memory, improved multimedia and a sharper screen.

The T2 is also the first Palm to use the new Palm 5.21 operating system. This model, with 32MB of memory, doubles the amount of memory found in the original Tungsten T and it ships with a 320 by 320 resolution transflective TFT. New multimedia features include MP3 playback through RealNetworks’ RealOne Mobile player as well as playback capability for movie trailers. It also ships with photo software for storing photos.

The T2, as the original Tungsten T, ships with integrated Bluetooth and voice recorder capabilities. Estimated street price is $399.

Palm also announced price reductions on two older models, the m515 and m130, which drop from $299 to $249 and $199 to $179 respectively.