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Palm Gets New CEO

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Palm has appointed Jon Rubinstein as the new chairman and CEO.

He replaces Palm president and CEO Ed Colligan, who is stepping down to join Elevation partners, a private equity firm that invests in Palm.

Rubinstein has served as Palm’s executive chairman since October 2007 and was formerly a division head at Apple in charge of the iPod. He assumes the Palm CEO post on June 12.

Rubinstein remarked, “Ed and I have worked very hard together the past two years, and I’m grateful to him for everything he’s done to help set the company up for success. With Palm WebOS we have 10-plus years of innovation ahead of us, and the Palm Pre is already one of the year’s hottest new products.”

The Pre went on sale June 6 as an iPhone competitor that offers such functions as the ability to run multiple live applications simultaneously like a desktop PC.