Oxygen Converging iPhone, Car Radio

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Car audio supplier Oxygen Audio is taking convergence to the next level.

At International CES, the company plans to launch an AM/FM car radio that docks with an iPhone to turn the Apple device into the head unit’s main control panel and main music source. The Apple device snaps into place on the front of the O’Car head unit for use in landscape or portrait orientation. The only control function on the head unit’s front panel is a large knob.

To control existing OEM and aftermarket head units from an iPhone, the company plans to introduce the O’Dock charging cradle at a targeted suggested $299.

The O’Car head unit incorporates only an AM/FM RDS tuner; uses the touchscreen of an iPhone 3G, 3G S or 4 to control head unit functions; and plays back iPhone-stored music as well as Internet radio apps through the car’s speakers. The O’Dock also requires use of the Oxygen app.


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