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Owners Spend Hours On Their Smartphone Each Day

Arlington, Va. – Smartphone users average almost two hours per day on their device, according to a Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) report.

The CEA’s Smartphones: Consumer Behavioral Trends found people spending 114 minutes per day on their smartphone.

Talking remains the top activity with owners chatting for about 23 minutes per day, followed by texting 20 minutes; writing and reading email, 18 minutes; surfing the web, 16 minutes; and social networking 11 minutes.

Some of the study’s other findings include the fact that weather apps are the most popular used by smartphone owners, 73 percent, while 60 percent have a social networking app, 57 percent play games, 55 percent shoot photos and video and 55 percent rely on their smartphone to get them around via a navigation app.

The CEA also found that there is still a great deal of upside for the smartphone business, despite the already high ownership rates. The CEA stated that 45 percent of all U.S. consumers intend to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months.