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OwnerIQ Adds New Online Ad Service

Boston — Online advertising services company OwnerIQ has developed a way for suppliers to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the browsing behavior of shoppers within a retailer’s website, the company said.

The company already offers a Retailer Branded Audience product that lets advertisers target the website audiences of retailers, enabling the brands “to influence sell-through in their retail channel with their online ad dollars,” the company said. Now, OwnerIQ has launched a Brand Impact Study solution to show advertisers whether their advertising was effective in influencing consumers’ browsing behavior on those retailers’ websites.

 “Retailer websites are one of the most commonly used resources by consumers when performing product research,” said OwnerIQ co-founder/CEO Jay Habegger. While browsing retail websites, “consumers are exploring their various brand options and developing their consideration list,” he continued.

The tool compares the likelihood of two things: the likelihood that a person exposed to an advertiser’s campaign will visit the advertiser’s brand pages in a specific retailer’s website compared to the likelihood of a visit from a person who wasn’t exposed to the campaign, the company said.

The company’s targeting solutions use data sourced directly from more than 300 data partners consisting of websites used by consumers who are researching products to buy. The sites include retailer and manufacturer websites, price comparison engines, coupon websites and product support sites.