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OurPictures Updates Imaging Program

Palo Alto, Calif. — OurPictures announced a new version of its imaging software last week with a subscription-based photo archival service and a partnership with Silverwire to give OurPictures users access to Silverwire’s network of retail photo printers.

The archival service, called PictureSafe, will be available to users of both the company’s free starter version and the “deluxe” version, which costs $29.99 with a $2.99 monthly subscription fee. OurPictures is also making the service available to its private label retail partners, such as Ritz Camera Centers.

Deluxe owners get 1,000 photos worth of photo archiving space on OurPictures’ servers included in their subscription. Users of the free starter version can purchase 500 photo blocs at a cost of $0.99 per month.

PictureSafe will automatically upload new photos to OurPictures’ servers whenever the software identifies that new photos have been loaded to a PC. The software performs checks daily, and uploads images automatically, so the consumer simply has to configure the software once and let it do the rest, said John Paul, CEO, OurPictures.

The software can also detect if images on the user’s hard drive have been deleted. It will then ask the user if they wish to recover their photo from the OurPictures servers — which they can do without charge.

Paul said that OurPictures will convert the consumers’ images to whatever “the standard [image format] of the day is,” be it the JPEG image format or some future iteration.

“It’s better than using a physical medium. Think about what would have happened if you had your photos on an 8-inch floppy,” he added.

The new version of OurPictures will also offer an expanded roster of retail printing destinations thanks to an agreement with Silverwire and the addition of Wal-Mart, Costco and Longs Drugs to the OurPictures retail network. According to OurPictures, the new agreements bring a total of over 25,000 individual retail locations through which consumers can pick up print orders they uploaded from home using OurPictures.