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Otterbox Acquires Wrapsol

FORT COLLINS, COLO. — OtterBox announced it has acquired Wrapsol, a manufacturer of protective films for portable devices.

“Wrapsol is a promising company with similar values and similar culture whose product aligns with the Otterbox mission of complete, premium device protection. Adding Wrapsol to the Otterbox portfolio of world-class protection significantly enhances our ability to provide our customers and consumers an expanded variety of high-quality products,” said Brian Thomas, Otterbox president/CEO.

Brett Webster, Wrapsol sales VP, added, “Joining the Otterbox family is a great opportunity for Wrapsol and its employees. We’re excited to integrate our product lines and give our employees a chance to join another worldclass team.”

There was no mention how this would affect Wrapsol personnel, and Otterbox did not respond to requests at press time.

Wrapsol products include the Ultra, Clean, Original, Privacy and Grip Pad wrap lines.