OnStar Apps Coming To Smartphones

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Detroit - General Motors plans to launch OnStar smartphone apps for the vast majority of 2010-model-year Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Buicks and GMC vehicles.

The brand-specific apps will be available starting in the coming months for the iPhone and Android phones, the company said. The company previously announced that an OnStar app would be available for the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle when that vehicle becomes available.

The apps will let vehicle owners activate all vehicle functions currently available on a traditional key fob, including remote start, horn honking, lights activation, and door locking and unlocking from any distance -- and without their keys or key fob in hand.

Via the OnStar service, the apps will also display a vehicle's diagnostic information, including fuel-tank level and range, remaining oil life, current and recommended tire pressure and lifetime average miles per gallon. The information will be current as of the last vehicle start.

Apps for each vehicle brand will also offer a variety of other features tailored specifically for each brand's customers, GM said.

With the apps, consumers who realize they forgot to lock their car while running to catch a train or flight will be able to lock the vehicle without turning back, GM said. Users will also be able to remotely start their vehicle from a distance to ensure the interior temperature is comfortable by the time they get there.


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