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Online Marketing Company Specializes In A/V, Custom Dealers

Cary, N.C. – A startup online-search marketing company that focuses on driving traffic to custom
installers and A/V specialists has expanded its client roster to 50 accounts
and added to its marketing team.

The company,
, specializes in optimizing an A/V dealer’s local Google advertising
campaign to increase qualified traffic to a dealer’s Web site and thus generate
more Internet inquiries, phone calls and showroom traffic, the company said.

company’s strategies “were designed by dealers for dealers,” said Deborah
Smith, president of the Deborah Smith Group and former executive director of PARA, the Professional AudioVideo Retailers Association.
Smith was recently hired by the company to further expand its client base.

“Traditional media are not working for A/V specialists and
installers,” she said.

The company
also hired a CEO, Brendan Morrissey,
who has a decade’s worth of experience in interactive and online marketing.
Morrissey previously served in various executive roles at technology and
marketing firms such as Motricity, Sprint-Nextel, InternetConnect, and KPMG

AV NetResults,
which incorporated early this year, evolved from an internal effort by specialty dealer Audio Advice to build store traffic by
mastering Google’s search algorithms and discovering the most effective local-search
keywords. The store “worked Google every day” to discover the most effective
search terms and keep up with Google’s daily search-algorithm changes, significantly
raising traffic to the store’s Web site and to its store, she said.

Since then, the
company said, NetResults further developed its search term library and
proprietary search marketing methodology by running hundreds of A/V industry
online campaigns for dozens of clients in multiple parts of the country.

As part of its service, the company reviews a client’s business and local
market, develops a program, regularly adjusts search-engine keywords, and
delivers a monthly report on the most effective keywords and number of
impressions and clicks obtained.

“No generalist local-search competitor cam match” the company’s “industry
expertise and refined algorithms,” Smith said.

AV NetResults can be reached at [email protected] or (800) 940-4351. It’s located at
201 Walnut St., Cary, N.C., 27513.