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Onkyo’s Third-Gen THX HTiB Adds 3D

Upper Saddle River, N.J. – Onkyo unveiled a
third-generation THX-certified home-theater speaker/receiver package that adds
such features as 3D-compatible HDMI 1.4a connections, Dolby Pro Logic IIz
height-channel processing, 1080p up-scaling, and Audyssey Dynamic Volume sound-leveling

The 7.1-channel HT-S9300THX is due at the end
of this month at a suggested $1,099.

 The home theater in a box (HTiB) system also
incorporates other features not available in its predecessor. They include Onkyo’s
new overlaid graphical onscreen display to adjust system settings while a video
plays in the background, proprietary Universal Port connection to an optional
iPod/iPhone dock and HD Radio tuner module, and HDMI Thru, which enables a
connected video source to play through to a TV’s display and speakers while the
package is in standby mode.

Under THX’s
I/S Plus (Integrated System Plus) certification program, certification is based on overall system
design and performance
because all components are optimized to work together, THX
said. THX’s other certification
standards apply to individual components such as A/V receivers, in-room
speakers and in-wall speakers. Onkyo is the only brand offering a THX-certified
integrated system.

The new system
features THX Surround EX post processing that includes THX Loudness Plus, which
maintains the perceived balance of surround-channel audio while in THX mode. The
system also features THX listening modes for music, movies and games.

HT-S9300THX also decodes all Blu-ray surround formats and features Audyssey 2EQ
room-acoustics-correction technology, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, and Audyssey Dynamic
Volume. Audyssey Dynamic EQ automatically adjusts frequency response and
surround-volume levels to maintain balanced response and an enveloping
surround-sound stage when consumers turn down a home theater’s volume. Audyssey
Dynamic Volume maintains a consistent volume level when video sources are
switched, TV channels are changed, TV programs switch to commercials, and
programs transition to softer or louder passages. Dynamic Volume also equalizes
audio to maintain a flat frequency response when volume is leveled.

The system
also includes Onkyo proprietary Music Optimizer to improve the quality of
compressed music. All video inputs can be up-scaled to 1080p video, regardless
of native resolution, via Faroudja DCDi Cinema


processor, which also removes
the jaggies during video-signal de-interlacing.

The system
comes with 12-inch subwoofer and front speakers that use a THX-developed
dual-woofer array to optimize to deliver a sound field said to be close to that
of THX-certified movie theaters.