Onkyo Launches Underscore Audio's Evolution

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Upper Saddle River, N.J. - New audio products from Onkyo highlight the evolution of home audio, which has come to embrace tabletop speaker systems as well as audio components.

In tabletop speakers, Onkyo will expand its selection of Apple-certified tabletop models with the launch of three new models. Separately, the company announced two new two-channel hi-fi components.

The new tabletop products include the $249-suggested iOnly Play ABX-100 and $249-suggested iOnly Bass SBX-300. Both are due in October. The former docks with and charges iPods and iPhones, and the latter adds iPad docking/charging, making it the company's first iPad-docking speaker system.

 A third tabletop product called iOnlyStream is planned for later availability. Details weren't revealed, but it seems likely to include Apple's wireless AirPlay technology.

The single-chassis devices will expand the company's Apple-certified speaker selection to three from one, excluding an iPod/iPhone-docking three-piece mini system also available from the company.

 The iOnly Play features flat-back exterior, brushed-aluminum base and cover, dimmable foot lighting, and sliding cover that conceals and protects a LCD display and touch-screen control buttons. On the iOnly Bass, the docking port is on the lower front edge of the device to support an iPad. It also has aluminum handle to lug it around.

 Both models feature full-range speakers mounted in isolated enclosures, Active Bass Control, and wireless remote.

Separately, the company introduced the $1,299-suggested A-9070 integrated stereo amplifier and $799 C-7070 CD player with iPod/iPhone USB input. Both are due in November.

 The A-9070 amplifier offers four discrete modes: integrated amp, power amp, pre-amp, and split power/pre-amp. It features parallel push-pull amplification design, three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry, and Wolfson 192 kHz/24-bit DACs. Other features include independent headphone amplifier and a phonograph equalizer.

 The C-7070 CD player connects to iPod/iPhone devices via a USB port, and the player play music stored on USB-connected flash-memory drives.

 The unit features vibration-damping brass legs, a full-floating circuit board, pair of Wolfson 192 kHz/24-bit DACs, and Onkyo's Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry, all designed to reduce noise, distortion, and interference.

Other features include a three-stage dimmer function, a brushed aluminum front panel, a silent aluminum CD tray, gold-plated audio terminals, and headphone amplifier differential circuitry.


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