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Onkyo Expands 3D HTiB Selection

Upper Saddle River, N.J.
— Onkyo filled out its selection of 3D-ready component-based
home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) selections with two new higher end systems that
feature HDMI 1.4 connections, overlaid onscreen display, 1080p up-scaling and
HDMI Thru.

Like three lower-priced systems announced
earlier this year, the $749-suggested HT-S6300 and $899-suggested HT-S7300
feature HDMI 1.4a inputs and outputs that repeat the side-by-side (half) and
top-and-bottom 3D broadcast formats as well as the Blu-ray and video game 3D
formats. All five systems also feature HDMI Thru, which simplifies home-theater
connections by letting video content pass through to a connected TV while the
receivers and HTiBs are in standby mode. All five also feature HDMI’s audio
return channel and decoding of all authorized Blu-ray surround formats.

The two new systems are shipping, joining the
three lower-priced systems announced earlier at $379 to $599, including one
2.1-speaker HTiB with proprietary virtual surround processing.

 All five SKUs are the brand’s first HTiBs with
HDMI 1.4a, HDMI Thru, HDMI audio return channel and overlaid OSD. The two new
models are also the brand’s first with 1080p up-scaling, 1080i up-scaling
having been available in two models in the previous lineup. All video inputs
can be up-scaled to 1080p, thanks to Faroudja’s DCDi Cinema processor

 Like last year, none of this year’s HTiBs come
with Blu-ray player.

Like the models they replace at the same price
points, the latest two A/V receiver/speaker packages feature Dolby Pro Logic
IIz front-height-channel processing as well as Audyssey Dynamic Volume, which
prevents abrupt volume changes when a commercial comes on the TV or a program
transitions between loud and soft scenes. The quintet also feature Audyssey
Dynamic EQ, which maintains the perceived balance of movie soundtracks and
music at all listening levels.

 Compared to the three previously announced
systems, the two new systems add HD up-scaling and Audyssey 2EQ room acoustics
correction technology.  Dolby Pro Logic
IIz is available only in one of the other three systems, and Audyssey Dynamic
Volume and Dynamic EQ are available in only two of those three.

Of the five models, all but the lowest priced
model feature a proprietary U-Port to connect and control an optional HD Radio
tuner or an Onkyo iPod/iPhone dock. An iPod dock is included with the top three
HTiBs and is optional on a fourth.

The $899 HT-S7300 comes with a pair of black,
41-inch-tall floor-standing speakers, each with dual, vertically arrayed
woofers. Four compact surround speakers can be used for the side, back or
height channels.

The HT-S6300 features six, 1-foot-tall
bookshelf speakers and a horizontal center speaker. All use the same 4-inch,
two-way driver complement.

Both systems come with 290-watt subwoofer that
works with the included AVRs’ 7×130-watt, 6-ohm amp section.