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Onkyo Enters Headphones

LAS VEGAS — Onkyo used International to formally announce its entry into the headphones market.

To mark the ingress, the company debuted four models: two on-ear and two in-ear. The on-ear models (ES-HF300 and ES-FC300) both have closed-back, foldable designs; 40mm titanium drivers; and aluminum driverhousing designs that are meant to mimic the volume control on the company’s A/V and hifi components.

The ES-HF300 has a 6N oxygen-free copper cable encased in clear elastomer, Onkyo said, which is engineered to enhance conductivity and reduce touch noise. The ESFC300, meanwhile, has a tangle-free elastomer cable. Consumers will be also able to purchase the cables separately, but pricing wasn’t set at press time.

Both models list frequency responses of 10Hz to 27kHz, with max input power of 1,000mW, sensitivity of 97dB/mW, impedance of 32 ohms and output sound pressure level of 105dB/mW

The ES-FC300 ($149 suggested retail) will be sold in three colors — black with a red cable, white with a white cable, and violet with a violet cable — while the ES-HF300 ($179) will be available in black with a silver cable.

The in-ear models have 14.3mm drivers. The IE-HF300 ($129) comes with the silver 6N copper cable while the IE-FC300 ($99) has the tangle-free cable in red, violet or white.

Onkyo said it is developing a headphone equalizer app so consumers can adjust their frequency response based on personal preference.

All four are scheduled to ship during the first quarter.