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Omega Updates CarLink With 3G

Douglasville, Ga. — Omega Research and Development Technologies, a Voxx company, has begun shipping a 3G version of its vehicle tracking and control system because of AT&T’s plans to shut down its 2G network completely by 2017.

The GPS-equipped Omega CarLink 3G is a direct replacement for the now-discontinued 2G model, so it features same connections and wiring, the company said.

“3G hardware costs more than the 2G hardware, but Omega has decided to absorb the bulk of this cost increase,” a spokesperson said. The new model at $235 is priced only $20 higher than the 2G model, the company said.

Via apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, users can send commands to an installed CarLink system to start and turn off the engine via an optional remote-start system, lock and unlock doors, and control sliding doors and power windows. The app also locates the vehicle, and a geo-fencing feature sends email or text alerts if the vehicle is moved beyond a prescribed zone. The system also notifies users when an optional security system is triggered.

The two-way system sends confirmation to a phone that a command has been carried out.

The CarLink app tracks and controls multiple CarLink-equipped vehicles. Unlimited tracking and control service costs $99/year per vehicle. Unlimited control-only service costs $49/year.