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Omega Adds 3 Years Of Free Service To Vehicle Tracker

Douglasville, Ga.
– Omega Research and Development Technologies said it was providing three years
of free service for its vehicle tracking and recovery GPS system.

The three years of
service applies to the GPS-D4550+ system. It includes GPS tracking, 24/7 theft recovery
assistant, a live call center for installation testing and system activation, geo-fence
alert boundaries from 1/8 to 300 miles, excess speed alerts in 5 mph increments
(from 45 to 95 mph), multiple vehicle capabilities from one login, Internet
mapping with aerial satellite, and “bird’s eye” view in select cities. It also
records logs of locations, commands and alerts. Auto tracking lets users automatically
track the vehicle at specific intervals for a selectable period of time.

The GPS-D4550+
system is an Internet-based system that uses a combination of GPS satellite and
cellphone technologies backed by Numerx’s network.