Olympus Gives Demos With Virtual E-PL1

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Center Valley, Pa. - Olympus said Tuesday that it has launched a new "augmented reality" tool to give consumers a virtual demo of its Olympus Pen E-PL1 hybrid digital camera.

Olympus is running the dynamic 3D online tool at its

Web site

, where visitors are invited to use their computer Web cams to act as a virtual camera lens. The site is set up to simulate the features of the Pen E-PL1, including shooting video, trying the flash and Live Guide, removing the lens and using a variety of in-camera art filters.

In the demo users manipulate a 3D camera marker in their hands.

Olympus is inserting actual-size augmented reality tip-in cards shaped like the Olympus Pen E-PL1 in the June print issue of Wired and the July print issue of Popular Photography magazines.

Otherwise, the Web site enables visitors to print a PDF of the camera card to engage in the virtual demo.

By clicking on the top dial of the virtual Pen visitors can capture still images and videos with five of the E-PL1's six in-camera art filters: Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pin Hole, Grainy Film and Gentle Sepia.

Once footage has been captured with the virtual Pen, visitors to the site can share stills with friends, upload videos to YouTube, or post the entire Pen 3D site experience on Twitter or Facebook.

The augmented-reality Pen 3D is one of several digital experiences created by Mullen for Olympus.

Olympus said it is investing in social-media advertising on YouTube and Facebook to expand its social footprint and engage with consumers, utilizing video-distribution networks such as SmartClip and YuMe and employing portals to leverage behavioral targeting.


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