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Olympus Bows Consumer Software

Orlando – Olympus introduced the Camedia Master Pro photo software for digital imaging consumers at the PMA show, here, today.

The standard version with fewer bells and whistles, Camedia 4.0, ships in the box with all new Olympus cameras starting this spring. The software will retail with a $39.95 suggested retail price and is now shipping.

Camedia Master Pro lets users create albums, calendars and cards with their digital images as well as catalogue and print files. It employs one main screen for all the tools necessary for photo manipulation and printing.

The new software is compatible with most standard storage devices and allows for easy downloading of images from camera to computer. The images instantly appear on the screen as thumbnails, which can then be enlarged for easier viewing, while retaining the other thumbnails on the side of the screen.

Images can be catalogued and sorted by album type or by date. Camedia Master Pro lets users record and attach 60-second sound (WAV) files to any image for slideshows and commentary. QuickTime movies can also be previewed right on the screen. Through the software, digital images can be e-mailed, prepared for an HTML page, made into wallpaper or slideshows. Advanced stitching features include sphere, perspective, 2D Matrix, and 360 VR. Basic image editing tools are also included, such as red-eye correction, contrast, and special effects.

Camedia Master Pro enables users to design, layout and print 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 images on one sheet of any type of printer paper by dragging and dropping onto the included templates. Index or contact sheets of up to 144 images can also be printed.

The software is compatible with Windows 98 and above and Macintosh 9.0 or later. It supports all Olympus Auto-Connect USB, standard USB and serial digital cameras as well as all major file formats: Exif-JPEG, JFIF-JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PICT.