Olympus Adds Online Photo Suite


Center Valley, Pa. - Olympus Memory Works America introduced Friday a web and PC software solution for moving photos and videos from the camera to the PC and then posting, storing and organizing them online.

The approach combines the tools of Olympus'


(ib) website and new PC software (ib suite), into an easy to use solution.

"In just a few clicks, users can download and organize their Thanksgiving, wedding or vacation photos and share them with the entire family," said Michael Timar, Olympus Memory Works America business development director. "The invited members of your secured personal Share Space can easily add their own photos, download the full-resolution photos with one click, and use all the images to create a photo book that makes a great gift or keepsake."

Users are given free online "Share Space," and they can purchase additional space for sharing and backup. Additional features of the solution include:

·         organizing photos and videos through automatic downloads, and instructional walk through for tagging photos by person (identified by face recognition technology), place, event, date and more in just a few clicks;

·          sharing images and videos using an online Share Space where invited members can view and cadd photos;

·         creating custom-designed photo books and multimedia slide shows, and ordering prints;

·         backing up images and videos to protect them for computer and hard drive malfunctions; and

·         editing images using a one-click "Instant-Fix," red-eye removal and cropping. When used with Olympus cameras, the system will offers additional features like RAW file development and export, as well as special effects like Beautifier, sepia, Pop-Art and Panorama.


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