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Olive Readies Trio Of Hard-Drive Music Systems

San Francisco – New hard-drive-equipped music systems due from Olive Media in the first quarter include the company’s first models with built-in amplifier, smartphone connectivity, and new OS.

The 4HD will be available for a suggested retail of $1,499, while the 5HD starts at $2,999 and the 6HD starts at $4,999.Consumers can begin pre-ordering all models today through the Olive Online Store ( or through selected Olive authorized resellers.

To broaden Olive’s appeal, the company equipped two models – the  4HD and 5HD Music Systems — with stereo amplifier so users need only add a pair of passive speakers to play back music.

All systems come with touchscreen display and 2TB capacity to store up to 6,000 albums in original quality, or 20,000 tracks. The displays range in size from 7- to 10.1 inches. Users can also control the systems via a free iOS or Android app for smartphones and tablets.

 The 5HD and 6HD add a built-in CD-RW mechanism to rip CDs directly to the internal HDD, including all album information and artwork.

 All of the devices will be powered by a new hardware platform and Music Operating System that accesses all of a user’s digital music, including Olive-stored music, smartphone- and tablet-stored music, music stored on a networked PC or Mac, and such music-streaming services as such as Spotify, Pandora or Songza. The content is accessible through the Olive Music Systems’ touch-screen interface.

 Mobile iOS and Android devices stream their music via Bluetooth to the systems and, for higher quality sound, via Wi-Fi Direct.

The new platform features dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi. Music on a PC, Mac or NAS is automatically recognized and accessible via the UPnP standard.

The amplified systems feature high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz TI Burr-Brown DAC with 8X oversampling and a 112dB signal-to-noise ration. The unamplified 6HD features fully balanced differential DAC design with two Burr-Brown PCM1792A and a linear high-precision power supply with custom-build toroidal transformers.

 Olive systems can also be used as multiroom audio systems with the addition of networked clients in multiple rooms.