OK Go Releases Samsung NX100 Video

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Ridgefield Park, N.J. - Samsung Electronics said Tuesday that pop band OK Go has released its latest music video, entitled "Last Leaf," which was shot using the Samsung NX100 mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera.

The video is available to view today at



The "Last Leaf" video was produced using thousands of photographs taken with the Samsung NX100, woven together to create a stop-motion animation clip. The production technique was said to demonstrate the NX100's technical capabilities and creative versatility.

The images were combined with hand-drawn animations created by the band, along with award-winning animator Geoff McFettridge.

The partnership between OK Go and Samsung has been documented in a behind-the-scenes series, also filmed with the NX100, which can be seen at



The documentary follows OK Go and their collaborators as they go through each stage of creating the video. The final clip in the series, which goes live Nov. 9, will show how OK Go achieved their creative vision using the NX100.

"Samsung's been great because we had a creative idea and they had the tools to help us make it," said Damian Kulash, lead singer of OK Go.

The NX100 incorporates a 20mm wide i-Function Lens that allows users to control fast manual settings via the lens, without having to take the camera off target.

Samsung said it plans to include the i-Function technology in all of its future lenses for the NX range, including five additional lenses that will be introduced next year.

Samsung has also provided a new firmware update, making the i-Function Lens compatible with the NX10.


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