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OfficeMax Expands Support for PCs, Laptops, Tablets

Naperville, Ill. — OfficeMax announced it is expanding its technology security, support, Cloud storage and data-recovery services and products to business and consumer customers for laptops, tablets and PCs.

The chain said this move also makes OfficeMax the only national retailer to offer fast in-store data recovery from internal hard drives from PCs, Apple devices and USB drives.

“As technology and tech security needs become increasingly complex, our customers are telling us they want more from us than just PCs and tablets — they’re also looking to us to be their service partner in providing setup, maintenance, repair and security solutions for their work and personal needs,” said Kim Feil, OfficeMax executive VP, chief marketing and strategy officer.

“Our new OfficeMax Services data-recovery and IT support services, combined with our expanded selection of security and Cloud storage products, promises to provide business customers and consumers with complete solutions across the technology lifecycle,” added Ron Lalla, executive VP, chief merchandising officer at OfficeMax.

OfficeMax Data Services offers nationwide, in-store internal hard drive data recovery to help retrieve data back in as little as 24 hours. Trained OfficeMax associates also provide free diagnostic testing to determine if your data is retrievable. Approximately 90 percent of internal hard drives serviced in OfficeMax stores have been recovered, and those that can’t will be shipped for advanced recovery services, the retailer said.

OfficeMax Data Services also provides fast in-store data transfer of files from old to new devices, and in-store data eradication from old PCs, Apple devices and USB drives so users can recycle old hard drives with confidence.

New On-Call Tech Support available through OfficeMax Services provides direct 24/7 personalized computer support and proactive maintenance from trained experts for workstation and peripheral IT — covering computers, laptops and tablets.

LoJack for Laptops, available at OfficeMax stores, helps secure the data on your device from thieves and prying eyes, and works with local law enforcement to track down and return a laptop.

Carbonite Online Backup allows businesses and consumers a secure way to store data offsite to the Cloud — and retrieve it — from any Internet-connected device, including smartphones, the retailer said.