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Office Depot Signs WaCA

Delray Beach, Fla. — Office Depot has selected Warranty Corporation of America (WaCA) to administer its extended service program. Effective immediately, WaCA will manage all warranty plans sold by the office supply chain through its 900-plus stores, online and via catalog.

“We found a partner with an extraordinary range of services that will provide us an opportunity to take an already successful program to an even higher level,” said Rob Dunlap, Office Depot’s merchant of technology solutions. According to Michael Costanza, executive VP/sales for WaCA, the extended service provider intends to utilize a “comprehensive suite of business solutions designed to differentiate” Office Depot’s extended warranty program in the marketplace.

The program, dubbed the Office Depot Performance Protection Plan, provides what both companies described as an “enormous depth of coverage” for many of the retailer’s home, office and school products. WaCA’s customer support offerings will include its proprietary Digital Lifeline (DLL) and Mobile Lifeline (MLL) software, which will be provided to all purchasers of desktop or notebook computer service plans. DLL is an Internet-based, self-diagnosis tool that allows end users to identify and resolve computer operation system issues without calling a technician, while MLL provides mobile computing security for wireless devices and gives users the ability to block access to sensitive data by authorized users if the device is lost or stolen.