N.Y. Loves The iPad


Sunnyvale, Calif. - New Yorkers own the most iPads, Coloradans horde laptops, and folks living in Maryland are more than likely to own a smartphone, according to a study by



The review and shopping site noted these facts today in its new study, dubbed Gadget Census 2010. The report was conducted between March and July 2010 and had 7,500 respondents.

The study also found an e-reader was 49 percent more likely to be found in a Massachusetts home, while more point-and-shoot digital cameras could be found in Michigan than anywhere else in the country. Maryland not only was the smartphone leader, but had the most flat-panel TVs, with 13 percent more homes than average with at least one such TV. California led the way in recycling, with those from the Golden State being 47 percent more likely to have recycled an old device in the last year.

When it comes to specific metro areas, folks from Atlanta are the nation's biggest TV fanatics, with more TVs per household. In addition, these people watch more hours of TV and record more programming than elsewhere.

San Francisco took home the award for the city with the most green gadgets and media-streaming devices, while New York metro residents are the most likely to invest in an emerging technology.

Phoenix has the dubious honor of owning the most old technology, with homes there loaded down with VCRs and CRT televisions, the report stated.


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