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NXT BR Drive Units Offer Compact Form Factor

Las Vegas — NXT, a provider of flat-panel loudspeakers, unveiled the latest developments of its Balance Radiator Drive Unit technology, which provide compact form factors for TVs and displays, as well as home and portable audio devices. From the front of the flat-panel set it almost looks as if something is missing, namely the speaker grille. But in fact the Balance Radiator Drive Units, which offer an off the shelf solution with production units readily available from Shinhint Group.

The BR Drive Units use the same NXT flat-panel technology, but developments have improved the low frequency response with the promise to deliver full range sound without the need for a traditional woofer or tweeter. The Drive Unit is 29mm wide and available in 10 watt and 15 watt versions. The full range drivers can reduce component count and take less room than similar conventional speaker solutions. The result is a grille-less speaker that is invisible from the front and could make an HDTV have the sleek appearance of a PC monitor.