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Nvidia’s Tegra Chip To Power Audi On Board Systems

LAS VEGAS – Audi and Nvidia announced today that the carmakers latest infotainment system will be based on a Tegra processor.

The Audi modular infotainment system (MIS) will be found in the Audi A3 become available in the United States and Canada next year. It is already on the market in Europe.

The MIS is based on the Nvidia Tegra Visual Computing Module. This system will deliver a wide range of online data to the car, including Google Street View 360, Google Earth, and local information like weather and local gas prices.

Audi plans to include the module in all new upcoming car models and updates, the company said. It will also be used in the high-end navigation systems of the company’s Volkswagon group.

“NVIDIA’s modular VCM approach lets companies like Audi quickly move from a Tegra 2 processor, to a Tegra 3 and beyond,” said Taner Ozcelik, general manager of automotive, NVIDIA. “Never before has an automaker been able to deliver a new generation of consumer electronics technology within such a short time.”