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Nvidia Rolls Out GeForce GTX 590 Card

Santa Clara, Calif. –
Nvidia today added to its high-end graphics card line with the introduction of
the dual-core GeForce GTX 590 line.

The unit features more
than 1,000 cores in the two Fermi-class GPUs. It has 3GB of DDR5 memory and 6
billion transistors delivered in a standard 11-inch card. The 590 is designed
to be used in pairs to double graphics performance.

The 590 steps up from the
GeForce GTX 580 introduced last year. It is about 1.5 times faster and can run
three 3D monitors at one time. The 580 will be kept in stores, the company

The card is available
immediately to consumers and system builders for $699.

To help keep the system
cool it contains two vapor chambers that brings in air and cools it using a
natural cooling process. This helps keep noise and energy use down, the company

The company reinforced
its entry-level position last week with the

550 ti